Foundation Park


Q. My mother doesn’t need a lot of care currently. If her care needs increase, will she have to leave?

A. Foundation Park is proud of its customized care plans for each resident. Your mother may only need basic services at first such as medication management, housekeeping, meals, and laundry. In time, she may need more complex services like assistance with transferring, bathing, dressing, and diabetes management, all of which we can provide.

We can also arrange for short-term skilled nursing care by bringing in our trusted contracted services for physical, speech, or occupational services. It’s just like bringing services to your own home.

Q. What kind of nursing staff do you have?

A. We have certified nursing staff on hand 24 hours per day. On top of this we also have certified Nursing Assistants, Medication Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses eight hours per day, and a Registered Nurse on call 24 hours per day.

Q. How is Foundation Park different from other nursing homes and assisted living facilities?

A. The average age of a Kansas nursing home is over 35 years old. Some assisted living facilities are well over 20 years old. The old model of long hallways, shared rooms, and closed kitchens at the back of the building is no longer desirable or practical.

With a maximum of 12 residents, we truly are a home defined by what we call Family Style Care. As part of this Family Style Care concept, we’ve gone to great lengths to incorporate revolutionary post-Covid design features. These include:

  • Enhanced individual room heat and air systems not shared with other residents, with filtration that can drastically reduce the aerial transfer of viral particles.
  • Open kitchens
  • Private suites
  • A game room
  • Wrap-around covered porches
  • A storm shelter
  • A therapeutic spa
  • Transportation services

Q. I’m a private person. Will I have to share a room with someone I don’t know? Will I have to eat in the dining room all the time?

A. All our living suites are private. There are no shared rooms. If some days you aren’t feeling social, you can certainly have your meals in your own suite.

Q. Do I have to eat meals at a strict, set time?

A. Your individual choice is very important to us. Foundation Park is proud of what we call our “Flex Schedule” approach, which means that you can enjoy breakfast and any other meal whenever you want. The same is true for bath assistance and other scheduled services.

Q. If my family comes to visit, will we have privacy?

A. Yes. Two or three guests can visit comfortably in your suite. If you need some more space, we also have our game room available for visiting, watching games, playing cards, etc.